The winner of the “real estate Oscar” distributed 100 sets of Christmas Eve dinners for people selected as part of the aid campaign. They received traditional, free food prepared by restaurants located in Monopolis.
The final of the action, which lasted from Mikołajki, took place the day before Christmas Eve, on December 23, 2020. As part of the “Monopolis Christmas Eve Seniors”, Łódź residents could register older people who spent the past Christmas alone. The sets were delivered free of charge by the Taxi 800 400 400 drivers. The idea was to encourage the residents of Łódź to think about their neighbors and make them a pleasant surprise by giving them their smile and a good word along with the Christmas Eve set from Monopolis.
All Monopolis restaurants joined the action. The Sendai sushi & ramen restaurant, known for its eastern flavors, prepared Christmas Eve cabbage with peas, and Trattotia Italiana, specializing in Italian dishes, prepared delicious fish in Greek. Traditional dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms, which cannot be missed on the Christmas Eve table, were made by Piekarnia Łódź. Aromatic borscht with dumplings was cooked by Arteria Restaurant. The cheesecake with chocolate was prepared by the Mono Cafe, well-known for its delicious desserts.


“Monopolis supports culinary” is a unique campaign, the aim of which is to support primarily doctors in Łódź, but also the catering tenants of Monopolis. The developer of the facility, Virako, decided to support the health service in Łódź by providing several hundred hot meals, bread and salads every week. The following catering tenants from Monopolis were also involved in the campaign: Trattoria Italiana, Sendai Sushi & Ramen, Monocafe, Arteria and Piekarnia Łódź. Clariant, Browin, LIM8 and Taxi 400 400 are the partners of this unique initiative
The spring edition lasted almost 5 weeks, and over 5,000 meals went to four institutions in Łódź: the Municipal Medical Center. dr Karol Jonscher, Provincial Specialist Hospital dr. W. Biegański, the Provincial Complex of Healthcare Institutions, Lung Diseases Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in Łódź, and the Specialist Tuberculosis, Lung Diseases and Rehabilitation Hospital in Tuszyn. The second edition started on November 10 and lasted until December 18. This time over 6,000 meals went to the Municipal Medical Center. Karol Jonscher and the Provincial Specialist Hospital of dr. W. Bieganski.


The mission of the Virako Foundation is charity and social assistance. Its most important tasks include supporting degraded urban areas by promoting appropriate programs for their revitalization, including the promotion of the idea of the existence and creation of community centers working with children and young people at risk of poverty and social pathology, as well as creating and supporting the activities of such institutions.